Tangerine Bee

Supporting your health and care project. We work with teams and organisations working to improve health and social care through programme management, research and development and implementation. We have experience with government funded projects including NIHR in the UK and internationally with WHO and United Nations. Our partners in projects include universities, stakeholder organisations and government departments.

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Creative technologies

We are working on health technologies for supporting women's health bringing in the arts and the sciences. This includes research and development for new products, facilitative/advisory roles for implementation projects, and advocacy roles. We work with artists and scientists to bring the right mix of talents into the project. We are passionate about digital solutions reaching frontline care and making an impact and welcome enquiries for collaborative projects.

Work with us

If you would like programme management support, need a helping hand just to get your health and social care project finished, we may be able to help you. We welcome enquiries and discussions. Email us at projects@tangerinebee.com